We know that big tech companies (GAFA and many others) make money out of the data they collect on their users while using their services or just browsing the web without you even knowing about it (cookies, ...). The ads we see and the products we end up buying are what makes the internet basically free, i.e. Google's basic business model.

More than influencing what you buy, some have targeted more profound behaviours like your political inclinations thanks to impressively do-whatever-the-f***-you-want data sharing practices and social networks. Remember Cambridge Analytica?

For these reasons I decided deGoogle my online life as much as possible. By deGoogle I mean stop relying on big tech software.  The goal was to recreate a productivity environment (Mobile - Cloud - Desktop) that is open source, secure, private and that allows for basic collaboration without it being very difficult to set up.

This blog is about sharing that journey and the setup (hardware & software) that I am using daily.

These are the elements/components covered by this setup:

  • Laptop & mobile phone
  • Operating systems (desktop & mobile)
  • Web Browser
  • Bookmarks
  • Cloud Storage & Syncing
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Email
  • Office
  • Note Taking
  • Passwords
  • VPN
  • Tasks Management

You will find out more about how and why I came to choose each piece of hardware and software in the dedicated articles of this blog.

Hoping this is useful to others...

-- Guillaume