This is a comprehensive description of the setup I am using daily: hardware and software. A costing estimate is also provided. You will find out more about how and why I came to choose each piece of hardware and software in the dedicated articles of this blog.



Operating systems

Web Browser

  • Desktop: Firefox
    • Extensions: Privacy Badger, uBlock Origin, HTTPS Everywhere, Decentraleyes
    • Search Engine: DuckDuckGo
  • Mobile: DuckDuckGo


Nextcloud Bookmarks with the Firefox extension (desktop) and mobile application.

Cloud Storage & Syncing

Nextcloud desktop client and mobile application.


Nextcloud Contacts application

  • Desktop: Pop_OS! Contact (integration via the Nextcloud Online Account)
  • Mobile: /e/ OS Contacts (integration via /e/ OS Webdav account)


Nextcloud Calendar application

  • Desktop: Pop_OS! Calendar (integration via the Nextcloud Online Account)
  • Mobile: /e/ OS Calendar (integration via /e/ OS Webdav account)


ProtonMail web client (desktop) and mobile application.


  • Desktop: Libre Office
  • Mobile: nothing
  • Web (desktop): OnlyOffice integrated with Nextcloud

Note Taking

Joplin desktop and mobile applications (syncing through Nextcloud).


  • Password Management: Bitwarden Firefox extension (desktop) and mobile application
  • 2 Factor Authentication: Aegis (mobile)


ProtonVPN's OpenVPN configuration files (desktop) and mobile application.

Tasks Management

Nextcloud Deck  web (desktop) and mobile applications.

Self-Hosted Services

Nextcloud, OnlyOffice and Bitwarden are self-hosted on a VPS managed using Cloudron (1-click application deployment).

  • Hosting Provider: Contabo - VPS L SSD Plan - 8 cores, 30 GB RAM, 800 GB SSD
  • Cloud Management: Cloudron - Premium Plan
  • Backup: Wasabi


Investment Costs

  • Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon: 1700 USD
  • Samsung S9 Dual SIM: 300 EUR (second hand from

Recurring Costs

  • VPS: 15 EUR / Month
  • Cloudron: 12.5 EUR / Month (with a yearly payment)
  • ProtonMail & ProtonVPN (bundle): 6.5 EUR / Month (with a yearly payment)
  • Wasabi: 5 EUR / Month
  • Gandi (.net domain name): 17 EUR / Year
  • Total: 40.4 EUR / Month or 485 EUR / Year

See discussion about costs in the dedicated post.